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For every child ‘HOME’ is the first school and Parents the first teachers. Basic Schooling works up on and compliments the essence of the foundation laid at home. At school we try to reach out to a child's individual personality & temperament as we slowly try to shift them into an environment of "Play, Learn and Grow". Our main aim is to provide our children with enriching activities to facilitate their overall development.

A synopsis of the learning outcomes expected from a child on completion of each grade beginning at Play Group (PG), up until they complete Upper Kindergarten (UKG) is explained below.


    We truly believe that every child should have that magical first preschool experience which should in every way be a home-away-from-home, an entry into a beautiful world of bright colours, cheerful musical, cuddly toys, & warm friendly faces. With a safe & happy environment their tears slowly turn to smiles, their fears turn to cheers, their insecurities to confidence. They slowly learn to interact with other kids, and make new friends.

    While at school they are encouraged to explore, question and learn new things through the fun fill activities with the aid of puzzles, pictures, story-telling, nursery rhymes, out-door and in-door play, etc. . These activities help our little ones develop their various skills. During the course of time they learn to identify Alphabets, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, Colours, Animals & basic Shapes. They are taught the use of simple Golden Words through daily practices, such as…. when to say Sorry, Please & or Thank you, as well as experience stimulation of their five sense organs (see, hear, touch, smell & taste) and understand its basic functions.

    They are offered wonderful opportunities to play, learn & grow in a warm, safe & stimulating environment.


    In this grade the children cover the following areas involving the six main domains namely:

    (i) Math – Writing numbers 1 to 5 and its value, as well as Identification of numbers 1 to 10, more or less, etc.

    (ii) Language – Identification of small & capital letters from ‘a’ to ‘z’ through flash cards. Follow the direction of these letters through sand writing, air writing, and the phonic sounds.

    (iii) Knowledge of the World is developed through various General Knowledge activities (Monthly Theme & Legends), field trips etc. They understand important hygiene measures through on- hand daily practices. They are also taught the importance of various rules & safety measures through charts & mock drills.

    (iv) Their Social & Emotional Skills are encouraged through imparting the values & joys of a family, building confidence & self esteem and the essential sense of belonging that develops them emotionally.

    (v) Their creative juices are put to the test through different mediums whereby they are able to exhibit their creative works and expressions.

    (vi) The development of their Motor Skills are also enhanced through outdoor play, jumping, running (Gross Motor) and threading beads, tearing, crayon drawing (Fine Motor).


    As they move into the higher section of their preschool years they leave behind all apprehensions & inhibitions, and start exhibiting more self confidence. They improve their language skills by identifying & writing Small & Capital Letters, recognizing Words starting with these letters, beginning sounds of corresponding words, rhyming words (e.g. cat, bat, mat etc), learn to complete sentences with 3 letter words & match words to pictures.

    Their Math Skills are horned through learning to write numbers from 1 to 10, Counting & writing numbers against corresponding number of objects, +1 addition, concept of ‘before, after & in between’, reinforcing concepts of ‘tall & short, big & small, rough & smooth, fat & thin’, etc. Identify & sort object based on similar lengths, colours, shapes etc.

    They are also given the opportunity to widen their horizon in the Theme Knowledge & Understanding through various informative topics discussed that include Parts of the Body, 5 Senses & its functions, Family, Modes of Transport, Underwater World, Solar System etc.

    With a thorough understanding of the above subjects, they are slowly able to move into the intriguing essence of true learning.


    An overview of the learning outcomes that prepare our little ones as they reach their final years of preschool, to step into a more structured world with confidence includes;

    Communication and Writing skills which are developed using picture clues, drawings and experience on sound of letters.

    Recognition of phonetic sounds of letters and use of phonic knowledge to read simple words, CVC words and Blend words.

    Proper understanding of numbers by counting, sequencing and representing numbers from 1 to 100.

    Deciphering pre-number concepts like … time, length, height, weight and capacity.

    Awareness of position in space and concept of directionality like…. up, down, under etc.

    Addition and Subtraction of small numbers and relating it to terms like…altogether and take away.

    Picture recognition of simple Hindi words & ability to write Hindi Consonants.

    Knowledge and understanding about their surroundings through informative discussion on topics like transport, animals, money, and the monthly selected Themes & Legends.

    Improved coordination of eye-hand movement and control over small muscles of the hand by engaging them in appropriate Gross & Fine Motor Skill activities.

    Also inculcated in them are the important values of respecting parents, elders and each other, as well as improving their social interaction with peers, which is taught to them through our moral rearmament lessons, field trips, etc.

    They are also encouraged to tap into their vivid imaginations, to explore, to question, to analyse and to assess through involvement in creative and fun filled pursuits, thus enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

SAM Kids Curriculum

SAM Kids Curriculum

For every child ‘HOME’ is the first school and Parents the first teachers. Basic Schooling works up on and compliments the essence of the foundation laid...

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Parents Speak


At SAM Kids every child is a little scientist actively trying to make sense of the world around. As a Doctor by profession I have seen the physical, emotional and cognitive develop meant in her on a daily basis.

Dr. Mohammed Faisal & Dr. Sheena T.A
Parent of Fiza Faisal,Nursery,Aluva

“Each child is different, each child is special and each child is beautiful”.At SKIPS, Children develop self help qualities, cleanliness, good manners, etiquettes in Preschools. Basic lessons in eternal values are also learnt in Preschools.

Dr. Celia Mathew
Parent of Nigel Joy Eralil,Play Group

SAM Kids being one of the best preschools, taking utmost care of their children, we are confident that her foundation will be very strong and she will enjoy and cherish each and every moment she spends with SAM Kids. Samkids is really a Home away from home for her.

Vivin.K.V & Sangeetha
Parent of Shradha Vivin Nair, SAM Kids,Kakkanad

At SKIPS, our child is taught to live in a society where she needs to ‘adjust, respect, care and share’ which is a part of our Indian culture. I am happy that I have chosen the best for my child.

Manoj & Tripti
Parents of Tejaswini Manoj,Play Group,Kakkanad

We appreciate the syllabus followed by the SAM Kids team, which teaches the kids not only the academics but also to know& understand and the nature and scope of self adjusting with their friends and the good principle of sharing.

Adv.Anoop KDV
Parent of Aparna,SAM Kids,Kadavanthara

As parents our top priority is our child's Health, Safety, Happiness & Education. We visited many local preschools, obviously our choice was SAM kids and we have been very pleased with our decision. It has been a great experience for us with SAMKIDS for the past three years.

Mr Jayaram Sahoo
Parent of Ipsha Priyadarsini Sahoo,LKG,Kadavanthara

Our priority - to make the school experience a joyful one for our kid so was the basis of our search for a good school. Our search landed us in SAM Kids, Maradu which was a different experience where the children were beaming with joy and energy even when they were in the class..

Dr. Divakar S.Jain
Parent of Adithya D Jain,SAM Kids,Maradu

A big “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts Yes, as parents, today with high confidence we recommend every prince and princess to SAM KIDS. We with all our might would not have been able to give him such a vast exposure, treasure of knowledge, fun and love.

Kala G Nath
Parent of Amith Madhav Rajesh,UKG,Maradu

“Fantastic School with Fantastic Management and Teachers”.SAM Kids School is a great school, giving every child such a good start in their education. This pre-school is the perfect blend of academics, cultural opportunities and socialization.

Mohammed Imtyaz & Shahana Imtyaz
Parents of Ayra Imtyaz,UKG,Mamangalam

A good education is one of the most precious gifts to give a child. As parents, we want the best for our children and providing them with an excellent education is a priority. We are delighted that SAM Kids, chosen as Sithara’s preschool, has exceeded our expectations. May the school grow even stronger.

Dr Pradeep Pillai and Dr Kaveri Nalianda
Parents of Sithara,Nursery A,Mamangalam