Top 10 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Pre-Schoolers

It is a known fact that nowadays children spend more time indoors than playing outside. Have you ever thought about the negative impacts on the health and development of a child while watching television and playing on smartphones for a long time without going outside? If you are not aware till now, then this is the right time to be cautious about your child’s health. Also, recent scientific studies have validated that there are many health advantages to kids who are playing outdoors than spending time indoors. It opens up immense opportunities for exploration with developed body-mind coordination, muscle strength, motor skills, physical skills etc. In order to run or to ride a bike or to swim, or to jump or skate, children need more muscle strength. Do you think your children would be fit if they stay inside for long hours? The answer is a big No! Outdoor activities help them to engage their whole body in different types of challenging physical activities which in turn help in the all-round development of the child.

Take them to your nearest park and let them play and explore around. Encourage them to do cycling or any other form of physical activity. As they do so, the muscles of their body gets developed and their body coordination improves. They will see the world from a different perspective too. You can even play a peek-a-boo game for more enjoyment. To increase interest in exploration, try toys that need balance like skates, bikes, scooters etc. Choose to improve your child’s confidence by providing sports equipment that gives a grow-with-me feature. Let it start right from the scratch. As they move into an advanced mode with acquired skills, they will be quite confident to face any challenge.

Here are top 10 benefits of outdoor play for pre-schoolers

  • Learning skills

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Yes, your child can improve learning skills by playing outside. To increase their fun, you can try putting educational accessories that improve their learning skills during outdoor play. Also, they do understand learning is not just a thing to be done inside the classroom, but there is a way for learning through playing too. Educators play a major role in improving a child’s social and behavioral skills. Thus make sure that the educators are trained with the right skills. If the kids stay inside the classes for long hours, they lose interest and the internalization of things taught will not happen. But if the educator can conduct an outdoor class the interest level of the child is aroused and the concepts taught will be easily captured and remembered. The preschools in Kakkanad are very keen on providing the right learning skills to pre-schoolers and have a daily routine for outdoor play. If a class is done outdoors, the children will never forget the activities they played and thus the new words or new lesson.

  • Improves health

One of the important benefits of playing outside is being healthy and strong. When they stay inside the classroom, the children are more or less idle with limited body movements. But during outdoor play in preschools in Kochi, every child will be active completely. Outdoor play will improve their bone strength and fitness levels. It is also good for children to get vitamin D, where the deficiency leads to Rickets. Outdoor activity also plays a major role in increasing the immunity level in children. So it is important to ensure that children are engaged in outdoor activities every day.

  • Creative skills

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Creative skills improve when the children think out of the box and start to create something unique. To improve creative skills, outdoor play is quite important in all ways. When they see objects outside, their imagination is ignited and they try to create their own world of imaginations and creativities. Take them for an outdoor play and leave them free for some time. You can see their observational skills and creative skills unfold.

  • Well-being

Giving children the opportunity of playing outside at preschools in Kochi encourages them to be more joyful. Being outside implies that kids normally get Vitamin D, which is demonstrated to help enhance states of mind and make a positive attitude mentally. Playing outside likewise helps kids to channelize their energy, especially if they are otherwise restless when sitting for extended stretches of time. This helps them to be more settled and eventually causes them to be increasingly engaged in the classroom activities.

  • Social skills

Creating social abilities in children helps them for more beneficial interactions in all parts of life. Social abilities are an indispensable part of society. Showing good habits, communicating successfully with others, being thoughtful of the emotions of others and communicating individual needs are exceedingly essential segments of strong social skills. Helping kids to build up these essential aptitudes requires an alternate arrangement of methodologies in each phase of development. As open-air spaces are normally less swarmed than inside, it is less scary and causes kids to normally leave their shells and be increasingly social. This implies kids will be all the more ready to participate in activities and games, while they will likewise be bound to converse with various children and make new companions. These skills are encouraged at preschools in Kakkanad during outdoor play and we encourage kids to communicate and socialize with other kids.

  • Independence and Confidence

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Outdoor play also ensures that the kids are far from direct supervision which makes them bold and confident. This encourages them to learn freedom when socially communicating with other kids, and additionally figuring out how to play independently. They figure out how to be bold enough to rise up when they fall or how to arrange new toy and to take up failures in a sportsman spirit. At the point when kids gain the opportunity to get things done alone, they are well on the way to learn things effectively. Consequently, they will start to think about how to accomplish something without getting help from others. Thus in course of time, they become independent and confident.

  • Exploring skills

Usually, outdoor play activities and equipment are hazardous than indoor toys. Initially, children will be somewhat hesitant to utilize the equipment like slides or swing. Don’t worry, being hesitant is quite common and outside play equipment can assist kids with learning to push their limits and take up challenging outdoor tasks. It likewise instructs them to investigate new activities and end up positive about figuring out how to attempt new things without being guided by teachers or parents.

  • Enhances attention span

This is one of the benefits of outdoor play for pre-schoolers. It enhances the intellectual capacities of the children. It helps in extending their capacity to focus, enhances their concentration, and increases their observational and thinking aptitudes. Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have likewise indicated great advancement in their attention span while playing outside. Studies have demonstrated that kids who have developed outdoor skills are bound to have the capacity to accomplish individual objectives as they develop.

  • Positive attitude

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A positive attitude is a psychological frame of mind that sees circumstances in a constructive manner. It doesn’t mean disregarding the negative. Or maybe, a positive child recognizes a circumstance and takes a gander at it beneficially. Thinking positively is best when a child comes across new or unfamiliar events in life, for example, the first day at school, meeting a new teacher, interacting with new kids and making friends. Children who are exposed to outdoor play will in general build up a positive attitude of mind and have a more settled and more joyful environment of their own.

  • Nature love

Children who play outside will be energized more than other children and can build up a deep-rooted bond with nature. They may be aware of global warming, deforestation, animal protection and make strides for safeguarding nature. Also, they get to know different kinds of plants, flowers, trees, birds, and animals. They develop gardening skills and the importance of planting trees and plants for future benefits.

It can be concluded that outdoor play helps children to build their own identity. Playing outside additionally enhances the child’s imagination and creativity, makes the child independent and confident, enhances love for nature, increases his focus and observational skills and helps in boosting overall health and development. In particular, outside games augment gross and motor abilities in children. In order to ensure that these skills are built up in the correct way, it is advisable to approach good preschools at Kakkanad. They combine learning and outdoor play to hone your child’s mind and body to ensure proper and complete development.

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